Improving the bathroom for the mother

I hope “Bathroom in the dream” will help mom have a comfortable and clean shower space.

My family is 7 people, my parents and 5 sisters. For years, we still haven’t had a proper bathroom. The space is the space between the kitchen wall and the water tank, my dad put on a sheet of corrugated iron, considering this the place for the bathroom.

After 30 years of use, the bathroom was old and worn out, and the door was not there. Every winter comes, the cold wind comes in, like standing outside in a cage, moss hanging around the wall, the water pipes are old. Currently, we have set up a career far away, everyone in difficulty is only my mother at home.

Family bathroom.

Life is a lot of chaos, we also have our own pressures, the wish for a bath for our mother has not been fulfilled. I see INAX’s “Dream Bathroom” as a humanitarian program that has renovated the “third space” of comfort for many families. I hope the program will help my mother’s wish come true.


Desiring to improve the quality of life, equipping knowledge to renovate “the third space” for the home, online newspaper VnExpress accompanying INAX – bathroom equipment brand of LIXIL Japan, organized the column “Bathroom of dreams”. Joining the program, you have the opportunity to get a free bathroom remodel, totaling up to 100 million VND including construction, disassembly, design, equipment costs … The program takes place from the 15th. / 6 to 30/11. Each month, based on the criteria of authenticity, meaning, emotion, necessity … the organizers will choose a family to renovate the bathroom.

The program starts to receive the readers’ shares here, from June 15 to October 31.


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