ICE connections – will Saarbrücken lose touch?

Saarbrücken – Now the Saarbrücken SPD city council group is getting involved in the discussion about the ICE connections. She fears that Saarland could lose touch.

Group leader Mirco Bertucci (32): “Saarbrücken needs more, not less ICE connections!” He is reacting to the currently restricted ICE connections at Saarbrücken main station, which Deutsche Bahn has justified as a result of the corona pandemic.

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    “Do not decouple Saarland from the rest of the republic”

    Fear of being completely left behind by the DB ICE network! The St. Ingbert OB fears that Corona could serve as a pretext.

  •   ICE connections: is Saarbrücken secretly left behind?

    ICE connections

    Is Saarbrücken secretly left behind?

    Has the train for Saarland already left? Since Thursday only one pair of ICE trains has been running from Paris to Frankfurt via Saarbrücken.

The SPD politician said: “For years, and not just since Corona, the number of long-distance connections via Saarbrücken has been dwindling. We have to be careful that this development does not go so far that in the end the state capital and thus the entire Saarland completely lose touch. “

The federal railway has the task of “connecting all cities”, says Bertucci.


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