Ice bathing in Spitzingsee: Bavaria’s COOLEST pool party!

Spitzingsee – This pool party is not for the frostbite! At a water temperature of two degrees, Wladimir Sich (40) and Brigitte Schilbach (65) splash around in the Spitzingsee.

“With the cordless chainsaw, I cut the hole in the ice sheet in just a few seconds. I manage to swim in the lake for ten minutes,” says Wladimir Sich to BILD.

Ice vs. Chainsaw – Wladimir Sich saws a mini-pool in the Spitzingsee

Photo: Robert Gongoll

The construction engineer from Erding has been taking a dip in cold water every day for five years. “I have a 300 liter rain barrel on the terrace at home, so I jump in every morning. In summer I take an ice-cold shower or swim in a cold mountain lake,” says Sich.

Splash around at 2 degrees water temperature.  Wladimir Sich and Brigitte Schilbach read the book

Splash around at 2 degrees water temperature. Wladimir Sich and Brigitte Schilbach have published the book “ Never Sick Again: Healthy, Strong, and Efficient Through the Power of Cold” by Koen de Jong and Wim Hof ​​and were converted to ice baths

Photo: Robert Gongoll

Ice bathing is said to keep the metabolism healthy, lower cholesterol levels, strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of diabetes. Beaver bathing is also supposed to make you slim. “Since I’ve been ice bathing, I haven’t been sick once. But it is not a panacea. Of course, a healthy lifestyle is also part of it,” says Sich.

Before the 40-year-old jumps into the ice water, he does breathing exercises. “When ice bathing, I have to calm my breath so my body doesn’t fight the cold. I don’t tremble in the water either. That won’t come until I’m back outside.”

Tips for Beginners

Advice for beginners: “Off to the cold shower! At the beginning 1 minute warm, 20 seconds cold alternately. Gradually warm shorter, cold longer. The important thing is that you stop being cold.”


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