How to clean the dishwasher filter

The filter of the dishwasher plays an important role, helping to save the remaining dirt after the washing cycle, so periodic cleaning for it is essential.

When you run the dishwasher every day, soap scum, leftover food, dirt and bacteria stick and grow in the filter, becoming a breeding ground for germs and odors.

If your filter is not cleaned regularly, it can reduce the effectiveness of your dishwasher. You will easily notice that the dishes are no longer as clean as before, even smelly.

Manufacturers recommend that users clean the dishwasher filter every few months. However, with some models, it is recommended that you clean the filter every few weeks. How often you use the machine also affects this cycle.

To clean the filter, pull the bottom dish rack out of place. You will see the filter in the center of the machine, located below the spray arm. You need to clean the dust around the filter and screw the filter out of place.

Dip the filter in a mixture of warm water and dish soap, and use a brush or sponge to clean the inside and outside of the filter. To avoid cross-contamination, it is best to use an old sponge and discard it after use.

In case the filter is not completely clean, add a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to the filter, beat a second time until clean. Then, rinse it under water, let it dry, and then put it back in place.

In addition, as recommended by the manufacturers, you should also clean the drain hose of your dishwasher at least every three to six months. The more you use it, the more often you should clean it.

Instructions on how to clean the dishwasher filter. Video: BHS.

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