How the shared life annuity works

Seniors hold most of the French real estate assets: 77% of those over 70 have their main residence. And are also often owners of rental properties. Good for them. But the problem is that they risk running out of cash to cope with the vagaries of the end of life: maintenance of property, health problems, dependency or occasional assistance for children and grandchildren … On the contrary, the working population, even those who have good incomes see their real estate purchasing power eroded, especially when it comes to home ownership in large cities.

To reconcile the needs of these generations, the life annuity appears to be an excellent solution. It consists for an owner to sell his main residence by
retaining the right to live in it and receiving an income from it: the famous life annuity.
Thanks to this system, seniors can consider staying at home and have cash in case of need. Disadvantage: the heirs no longer have any rights to the property
sold as a life annuity, at the time of the occupant’s death.

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