How many people ‘green’ their lives

Choosing a house with lots of green space to live in, ride an electric car, consume no waste… is how many people activate the “green code” to create a sustainable future.

The talk show “Pioneer” with the theme “Greencode to the Future – Green code into the future” organized by Vinhomes brings viewers many close but contemplative perspectives on issues that need immediate action. to activate the green future for the community.

Talk show “Pioneer” with the theme “Greencode to the Future – Green code into the future”. Screenshots

At the event, guest – journalist, Truong Anh Ngoc remembered the time in 2016 when he returned home after many years working abroad. He didn’t forget how it felt to look up at the sky and see only wires. The job of traveling around the world has made him used to the vast clear blue skies. When he returned home, it was also when he realized that his life needed to change.

Journalist Truong Anh Ngoc said that more than 10 years ago, he wanted to find an apartment, but it was not easy. The apartment buildings in Hanoi at that time had in common that the roads were small, and there was no space for lakes and parks.

Lake at Vinhomes Ocean Park.  Photo: Vinhomes

Lake at Vinhomes Ocean Park. Photo: Vinhomes

“It wasn’t until I learned about Vinhomes’s metropolis that I decided to sell the 5-storey house I was living in and move to Vinhomes Ocean Park in exchange for a space that I belonged to,” journalist Truong Anh Ngoc shared. . It was a house where he didn’t have to suffer the discomfort of seeing traffic coming in the opposite direction, hearing the honking of car horns.

At the new house, journalist Truong Anh Ngoc also realized that many of his neighbors, although never once got on the bus, but after only a few times of trying the VinBus electric bus, have gradually changed the way they go to the market and shuttle. children go to school. Many people used to go to the supermarket by motorbike, but now, if they don’t have to use the electric bus, they also walk by themselves with a cloth bag.

According to Mr. Truong Anh Ngoc, it is a change in consciousness and responsibility of each person when living in green spaces with green vehicles. Each person will appreciate their own life and join hands to protect their living space. European countries plant more trees to create more bicycle paths and promote the development of electric vehicles.

In addition to green living space, green vehicles are also a concern of people today. When hosted – Ngoc Trinh asked the question “If you have an amount of 800 million to spend “green”, what will you spend it on?”, Mr. Truong Anh Ngoc frankly: “Buy a VinFast electric car”. He also admits that many of his friends are also willing to switch from petrol cars to order VinFast electric cars.

Contacting Norway, where up to 80% of cars in circulation are electric vehicles, Mr. Nguyen Dang Quang – Director of Northern Automotive Sales of VinFast Vietnam – one of the two guests, hopes that Vietnam can also reach the billion similar rate. “We will no longer have to worry about bringing masks out of the house, or worry if we open the window and the air purifier turns purple.”, Quang said.

Residents of Vinhomes Ocean Park move by VinBus.  Photo: Vinhomes

Residents of Vinhomes Ocean Park move by VinBus. Photo: Vinhomes

But, the question is how can green areas with civilized people, conscious of environmental protection be replicated? Editor Ngoc Trinh, calling it “Greencode” and asking the question, where will they be in the genetic code of future generations?

“Greencode is first of all in ourselves and will be in our children, if it is ‘activated’ by adults. Because children will look at adults, look at parents to follow. We have an example. That’s a question that all parents must answer,” journalist Truong Anh Ngoc expressed.

Sharing the same opinion, Mr. Nguyen Dang Quang said that the core thing lies in education from the family, from the adults themselves.

A corner of green space of Vinhomes Ocean Park area.  Photo: Vinhomes

A corner of green space of Vinhomes Ocean Park area. Photo: Vinhomes

In addition to parents, Mr. Truong Anh Ngoc stated that the children living in green areas themselves will have their own opinions. “They will compare the difference between the green area where they live and other places, and then find ways to replicate that green area.“, Mr. Truong Anh Ngoc said.

Sowing the seeds of environmental awareness will create change for generations. As Mr. Nguyen Dang Quang said, when children live in a good environment with a civilized community, their consciousness will stimulate creative thinking, dare to challenge themselves, and want to find a way to make an impression and find new ideas. No one dared to make a breakthrough.

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