Houston (USA): After a week of searching – police find missing tiger in

When private individuals buy tigers as pets …

After days of searching, the police in Houston, Texas, found a missing tiger.

“I think the public thought it would be easy to catch a tiger. But it wasn’t at all, ”said investigator Ron Borza in Houston. The search began when a police officer saw the tiger outdoors in his neighborhood on Sunday last week.

According to the police, the 26-year-old owner took the animal and drove away. The owner was arrested shortly afterwards for other offenses. There was no trace of the nine-month-old and 80 kilogram tiger named India (India).

Borza said the authorities received a tip from the local population on Saturday that the owner’s wife wanted to hand over the tiger. The policeman left it open exactly where the animal had been in the past few days. “The tiger was passed around a little,” he said.

The owner’s wife always knew where he was. The tiger is fine. He is now being taken to a wildlife sanctuary on a ranch in Texas, “where he can hopefully spend the rest of his life in a very safe environment.”

It’s illegal to keep a tiger in Houston, by the way. But unfortunately that does not apply to all cities in the USA …


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