Holstein Kiel: Cup celebration with carnival music on the bus! Now against HSV

At half past three on Thursday, Kiel’s trophy heroes returned home by bus. Still moved from the evening before, when the team wrote Holstein history 3-0 in Essen and shot the club among the last four. Ioannis Gelios (28): “Each of us is proud.”

So much so that the goalkeeper never fell asleep. Gelios: “I was exhausted and tired, tried to sleep. That didn’t work at first. Not until half past five or six. “

Despite a long drive back (the plane could not land in Kiel due to fog) and partying on the way. Sechser Jonas Meffert (26): “We saw the pictures from Kiel. It was sad that we couldn’t enjoy it a little with the fans. Then carnival music was turned on by André (athletics coach Filipovic, editor) and me. And then the mood rose. “Gelios adds:” We could have fun and celebrate. “

After a few hours of sleep, the night was over for him and his colleagues. The German-Greek: “Then we were back on the premises. We are regenerating and resting now for the game on Monday against HSV. “

The experienced Fin Bartels (34 / “We are currently living two dreams”) knows that there is still a long way to go before the cup final and promotion to the Bundesliga: “There are still a few chunks in between.” The successes give confidence. Gelios: “We have important games to play that we have to master. It will not be an easy task, but a manageable task … “


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