Handball: HSV relies on Jan Forstbauer’s comeback against Gummersbach

The return of the HSV handball players from Konstanz (40:29) was delayed on Saturday. The only flaw of the 1700-kilometer tour to Lake Constance …

Dominik Axmann (21) had to write an online exam for the university (industrial engineering) before starting. It was only at 9.25 p.m. that bus driver Mirko Großer dropped the championship leader down at the Volkspark. On the way there was enough distraction on TV: Bundesliga and “Stromberg”.

Coach Toto Jansen (44) also used the trip to prepare for the Wednesday hit against Gummersbach (8 p.m., sportdeutschland.tv). Toto suspects: “It will be a completely different game …”

After all: Jan Forstbauer (28 / lumbago) is probably back in the promotion battle. Forsti to BILD: “Everything is fine so far, I’m confident, I now have to see how my back reacts during training.”

Lukas Ossenkopp (27) expects a Gummersbach reaction after the sensational bankruptcy at the bottom Fürstenfeldbruck (25:32). The HSV captain: “Gummersbach will be angry. This is going to be a board. We mustn’t let up a meter. “


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