Girl stabbed to death in Saxony: Wiktorias († 16) alleged killer in psychiatry

Großröhrsdorf – After the bloody act in Saxony, in which the 16-year-old Wiktoria J. was brutally stabbed, the alleged killer (15) was admitted to a closed psychiatry on Friday.

“In the afternoon, the suspect was presented to an investigating judge at the Bautzen district court. As a result, he ordered the suspect to be placed in a closed ward of a psychiatric hospital, ”said a police spokesman.

The investigators are looking for evidence and evidence in the suspect’s homePhoto: xcitepress

The searches in the apartment in Großröhrsdorf, in which the 15-year-old German lives, is therefore still ongoing. The investigations into the background of the crime have not yet been completed either.

► According to BILD information, the boy is classified as having psychiatric disorders, and after the fact he appeared dull and unemotional. There are also fears that it will continue to pose a threat. Therefore, he should initially receive medical care in the psychiatry in Arnsdorf.

Wiktoria stabbed to death in the garage yard

On September 15, a hitherto unknown person stabbed the girl. Crime scene: a garage yard in Großröhrsdorf. Apparently the act took place in a dispute: a witness had heard a loud argument.

Officials found the youth seriously injured in the area of ​​the garage complex in the city east of Dresden. She was reanimated but later died in hospital. The autopsy revealed that Viktoria had succumbed to her stab wounds.

The police arrested the suspect on Thursday (September 23). According to the authorities, the victim and the alleged perpetrator knew each other. Public prosecutor Christopher Gerhardi (52) to BILD: “The motive is still not clear. The murder weapon is still being sought. “

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Here Wiktoria (16) was stabbed.  She died a little later in the hospital

Here Viktoria was stabbed. She died a little later in the hospitalPhoto: xcitepress


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