Gift ideas for 10/20 for women

Service pack beauty, body care

Many women today often face pressure from work and social relationships. The bearded man can show his concern for the precious woman on October 20 by donating beauty spa package, relaxing massage and skin care.

If you are concerned that you do not have experience in this area, you can find out your friends and colleagues to get more information and address spa services for couples. Going together with a beauty spa and wellness will be one of the experiences that bring a new and memorable feeling.

Taking her to a skin care spa, relaxing massage is an appropriate choice for the occasion of October 20. Image: Shutterstock.


For women, perfume is an accessory contributing to the charm and attractiveness. Men can learn about the smells and brands of the person they want to give to choose the right product. Cedar wood, sandalwood, bermegot or vetiver … are the groups of incense that many people love during autumn – winter.


Perfume is always one of the meaningful gift options because it can help remind the other person when used. Image: Shutterstock.

Bags or high heels

For women, owning more than one handbag or a shoe cabinet is not very strange. Each design with different sizes, colors, and materials has its own use, meeting the needs of women depending on the time and destination.

The guys can rely on personal aesthetics or observe the daily fashion style of their lover to choose suitable bags or shoes as gifts for her.

If you are inexperienced in this area, you can ask her what brand, style and size she likes to avoid choosing the wrong dish. Or if you want to use a more direct method, you can take her to the store to try and choose what you like.


Bags, shoes, fashion accessories … are always on the list of gift suggestions for women every holiday, anniversary. Image: Shutterstock.

Technology equipment

Not only have men updated technology trends, but today’s women are also very interested in products in this field. If your girl is a modern woman with a sophisticated taste, she will be hard pressed to ignore the trend of trendy technology equipment.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 is the suggestion. Samsung’s trendy flagship line has a cinematic standard camera cluster, allowing her to unleash selfies and capture the moments of the two of you together.

Comes with the phone is the S Pen, which helps her to optimize work productivity and add entertainment tools. Besides, the metallic copper tone of Galaxy Note20 is also a plus point that many women like, contributing to expressing the style of the owner.


Samsung Galaxy Note20 owns a camera cluster with convenient features, meeting the needs of taking photos, recording videos, and entertainment … for women. Image: Samsung.

Smart watch

Instead of choosing traditional analog watches, you can try innovating, surprise your lover with a smart watch with a luxurious, dynamic design.

On the other hand, if she is the owner of the Galaxy Note20 before, you can contribute to perfecting her passion for technology with the Galaxy Watch3 smartwatch or the Galaxy Buds Live “tone sur tone” headset.


Full set of super technology for women from Samsung. Image: Samsung.

Not only with stylish design, Galaxy Watch3 and Buds Live when combined with Galaxy Note20 also possess a series of convenient features, helping users to manage their health and improve their quality of life. Women can combine these two accessories with Samsung smartphones to exercise, measure blood pressure, listen to music, receive calls …

Whatever gift you choose, don’t forget to leave sincere messages in the gift box, thank her for her companionship in life and wish your partner a meaningful October 20 day.

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