George Floyd: Derek Chauvin Trial – Witness Darnella Frazier testified in court

Darnella Frazier, then 17, spent minutes documenting killer cop Derek Chauvin kneeling on the neck of the dying George Floyd. Your cell phone video went around the world. Now the young woman has testified as a witness in the trial of the death of the African American.

Tears in court!

Frazier and the other eyewitnesses had repeatedly urged the killer cop on May 25th to let go of George Floyd. About chauvin and the dramatic minutes in Minneapolis, Darnella Franzier said on Tuesday (local time):

He just stared at us. He had such a cold look, heartless. He did not care. It seemed like he didn’t care what we said.

In tears, the young woman explained that she was on the day of the crime with her cousin (9) on the way to the supermarket. Frazier sent the girl to the store because she did not want the little one “to see a man who is scared, who is begging for his life”.

Frazier explained that she recorded the horrific scene on the cell phone because “it wasn’t right, he was suffering, he was in pain”.

Other cops present had set up a threatening backdrop so that none of the eyewitnesses dared to intervene physically.

There are no pictures of the testimony from the courtroom. But Darnella Frazier’s moving words were broadcast on the Internet.

The prosecutor asked the young woman to describe how May 25, 2020 changed her life.

Frazier was breathing hard and crying hard when she saw the pictures of Chauvin kneeling on Floyd again:

I stayed up all night apologizing to George Floyd for not doing more.

Addressing Chauvin, she added, “It’s not about what I should have done; it’s about what he should have done. “

► The ex-policeman held the knee of Floyd, who had been arrested for a supposedly forged 20-dollar bill, for minutes, even though the latter complained several times that he could not breathe. Floyd’s death captured on the cell phone video sparked unprecedented protests by the Black Lives Matter movement against racism and police violence in the United States.

“I have a black father, I have a black brother,” said Frazier in court. “It could have been one of them.”

Floyd said 16 times to Chauvin and the other officers that he couldn’t breathe. His body was autopsied twice. The reports found different reasons for the man’s death.

Killer cop Chauvin is charged with murder and manslaughter in court in the US state of Minnesota. The 44-year-old faces up to 40 years in prison if he is convicted of the most serious charge, “second degree murder”.

The process is expected to take about a month to complete.

Three other former police officers have also been charged in connection with Floyd’s death. They are to be brought to court individually at a later date.


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