Gabby Petito’s fiancé: Now the FBI is looking for Brian with an arrest warrant

An arrest warrant has been issued against the missing fiancé of the allegedly killed Gabby Petito – but not because of Gabby’s death.

Brian Laundrie is wanted for bank fraud. This was announced by the local FBI in Denver (Colorado). The 23-year-old used a credit card without authorization between August 30 and September 1, according to a court document from the Wyoming District Court. The document didn’t say who the card belonged to. However, it is said that the 23-year-old withdrew around $ 1,000.

FBI chief special agent Michael Schneider said that the arrest warrant for alleged fraudulent use of the bank card will allow law enforcement agencies across the country to pursue Laundrie while the investigation into Petito’s murder continues.

Steven Bertolino, attorney for the Laundrie family, believes the warrant related to activities that would have taken place after Petito’s death, rather than her actual demise. “The FBI is focused on locating Brian, and when that is, the details of the charges contained in the indictment will be dealt with accordingly, “Bertolino told The Associated Press.

Meanwhile, in Florida, the search parties spent the fifth unsuccessful day on Thursday looking for Laundrie in the inaccessible wilderness near his parents’ home. The search at Carlton Reserve Park is scheduled to continue on Friday.

The FBI asked anyone who knew anything about the friend’s role or whereabouts in the Gabby Petito case to contact the investigators. The police in Florida, where the couple lived, had been looking for the 23-year-old in a nature reserve in the past few days. The court document is dated Wednesday.

The Gabby Petito case has attracted a great deal of attention in the United States and around the world. Petito and her boyfriend had set out on a trip through the USA that summer, which they had documented on social networks. Petito’s boyfriend eventually returned from the trip without his girlfriend. The 22-year-old’s body was discovered in Wyoming over the weekend. After the autopsy of the body, the investigators assume a homicide.

There is no trace of her boyfriend – his parents reported him missing last week.


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