Gabby Petito: body of Brian Laundrie eaten by alligators?

Slowly more and more light is shed into the darkness of one of the most spectacular murder cases in recent years. Brian Laundrie († 23) is said to have killed his former fiancée Gabby Petito († 22).

The remains of the alleged murderer were found in the United States on Wednesday. A day later, an FBI spokesman confirmed that Brian Laundrie’s body could only be identified with the help of a dental comparison.

The “New York Post“Now reports gruesome details about Laundrie’s body find: According to this, wild animals could have attacked the remains and gnawed them to the bone.

At an FBI press conference, people demand justice for Gabby PetitoPhoto: Chris O’Meara / AP

John Widmann lives not far from the national park where the dead man was found with his backpack and laptop. The resident told the US tabloid: “There are alligators, but worst of all are the wild boars. These are vicious animals that eat everything. “

However, the remains were near a bridge that spans a canal. For a long time it carried a lot of water and flooded the area. That speaks for alligators.

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In addition to poison beating, coyotes also live in the area. In an interview with BILD, the well-known German criminal biologist Dr. Mark Benecke, that there are even species of birds that can “eat away at corpses within hours”, then only bones are left.

So far nothing is known about the cause of death of Brian Laundrie. The 23-year-old set off on a trip across the United States with his fiancée Gabby Petito in the summer. However, the American returned alone.

After the 22-year-old’s parents reported their daughter missing, Brian Laundrie went into hiding. The police admitted serious mishaps during surveillance. About a week after his disappearance, Gabby Petito’s body was finally found. An autopsy revealed that the young woman had been strangled.

A week-long manhunt for Brian Laundrie remained fruitless – until Wednesday. Police and FBI specialists discovered the human remains in a Florida national park.

Violence is said to have occurred in the relationship between the two deceased.


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