Full of sun over Germany – Why the summer of March is dangerous

Hardly any clouds, up to twelve hours of sun every day – Hoch Peter is preparing for summer with up to 22 degrees in the next few days!

Winter seems to have had its day this spring. “For days, the weather models had calculated intense cold,” summarizes qualified meteorologist Dominik Jung from wetter.net. “All of that has now been discarded. Instead, on the first Monday in April, we even get a blast of early summer warm air masses.”

The sun shines from the blue sky on the gravel banks under the weir of the Isar in MunichPhoto: Peter Kneffel/dpa

Finest t-shirt weather during the day, but due to the lack of cloud cover it will be partly frosty and foggy at night.

The danger: Too dry and no rain

However, the dry spring weather is causing problems for plants and nature. In eastern Germany and parts of the south, not a drop of rain has fallen since the beginning of the month. Accordingly, the risk of forest fires, especially in the east, is already very high at level four out of five.

When will it rain properly again? “The US weather service NOAA is expecting a wet April, while the European weather service ECMWF is expecting a rather dry month. Let’s see who has the edge here in the end,” explains meteorologist Jung. The short-term forecast: It will remain largely dry until the middle of the week, then it will get a little wet from the south-west…

The forecast for the coming days

Friday: 16 to 21 degrees, plenty of sun

Saturday: 12 to 21 degrees, plenty of sun, only denser clouds in the north

Sunday: 14 to 22 degrees, plenty of sun

Monday: 11 to 22 degrees, lots of sun, a few clouds in the north

Tuesday: 14 to 21 degrees, mix of sun and clouds, dry

Wednesday: 11 to 17 degrees, rain in the southwest, otherwise dry

Thursday: 10 to 17 degrees, mix of sun and clouds, some rain in the middle

Friday: 9 to 16 degrees, mix of sun and clouds, a few showers possible

Source: wetter.net

Explanatory graphic: Warning, danger of forest fires!  How do I prevent a forest fire?  – infographic


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