Forgot handbrake? Train rams empty car on level crossing

Ganderkesee (Lower Saxony) – The noise was deafening, the debris flew meters away!

On Thursday night, a train from the Nordwestbahn in Ganderkesee (Oldenburg district) crashed into an abandoned car at a level crossing. As the police reported, the car was dragged about a hundred meters, debris flew around – nobody was injured.

It was initially unclear why the car was on the tracks. The accident may have occurred because the driver failed to apply the handbrake. “This is currently the most plausible possibility,” said a police spokesman on Thursday morning. The owner said he parked the car nearby.

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A train coming from the opposite direction was also damaged by the vehicle parts. The police estimate material damage of around 100,000 euros per locomotive.

Both trains were no longer operational and were still at the scene of the accident in the morning. The passengers were transported with the replacement service. The police announced that the route between Hude and Delmenhorst should remain closed until around 10 a.m. There are train cancellations on the route.


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