Ford hires Apple Car boss to design car of the future

Posted on Sep 9, 2021 at 3:55 PM

Size taken at Ford. The American manufacturer announced Wednesday that it had recruited Doug Field, the boss of “Titan”, Apple’s autonomous car project. This engineer-developer, who has held positions of responsibility at Tesla, Google or Apple, will be in charge of developing the group’s cutting-edge technologies, on which a breath of fresh air has been blowing since the entry into office of his new boss, Jim. Farley.

“Doug is one of the world’s most respected leaders in engineering and product design. He has played a leading role in the creation of revolutionary products in the fields of automotive, technology and mobility, notably at Apple, Tesla and Segway, ”the latter said in a statement.

From the launch of the Model 3 to Mac products, Doug Field has indeed shown notable service records, at the crossroads of design and engineering – his career began with… Ford, where he served for six years in as an engineer. His experiences at Tesla and Apple should be particularly useful to him, since he will be responsible for leading his new employer’s tight turn towards software.

Reverse the model

Under the aegis of Jim Farley, who arrived a little less than a year ago, Ford is indeed trying to overthrow the model that has made it successful for 118 years. The manager is convinced that the manufacturer’s future income should no longer depend on the simple sale of a vehicle but rather on the provision, to users, of new features that would be added on the occasion of updates. . An operation inspired by the iPhone, which Tesla is the first to have applied to the automobile and that Ford has only just begun to deploy on its Mustang Mach-E and on its F-150 Lightning pickup.

Apple side, it is at least the fourth departure within the staff of the “Titan” project since the beginning of the year – and the fourth boss of the division to return his apron since his debut, in 2014.

Very secret, the ambitions of the world’s first capitalization in the automobile industry are the subject of much speculation. It plans to launch production in 2024, according to several American media, a schedule considered premature for most observers. Discussions with Hyundai and Kia around an industrial partnership, denied by those concerned, were also reported by Bloomberg in February.

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