For his life insurance: Indian kills man with cobra bite

New Dehli – In this case, the greed was arguably greater than the mind …

The police have uncovered a gruesome murder plot in Rajur (state of Maharashtra) in southern India! There, the 54-year-old Prabhakar Bhimaji Waghchaure faked his own death in April of this year in order to steal five million dollars (4.3 million euros) from his American life insurance. He had lived in the United States for over 20 years.

But the insurer had become suspicious and had turned to the police to investigate the matter.

This determined: The 54-year-old from the city of Rajur had chosen poor, mentally retarded and similar-looking Navnath Yashwant Aanap (50) for the implementation of his plan and then had him killed with the bite of a purchased cobra, as the local police did Twitter announced. First the “Indian Express” reported about it.

Officials found that the suspected murderer Waghchaure was living in a new estate in the district several days before his death was staged. Two of his relatives, Sandeep Talekar and Prashant Chaudhary, found their later victim, Aanap, and obtained a poisonous cobra from snake seller Harish Kulal.

On April 22nd, the men forced the mentally handicapped Aanap to a remote place, where he was murdered by the snake seller with the cobra. The animal had bitten the 50-year-old on his toe.

After the allegedly dead Prabhakar Bhimaji Waghchaure was then in the morgue, several did People around the man, however, contradicting information about the death of the man. The officers also tracked his calls and realized that he was still alive and had previously pretended to be his own nephew when his alleged body was identified in the hospital.

Now the alleged murderer and life insurance fraudster and his four accomplices are in custody.

Stupid: The main culprit’s life insurance originally became skeptical because four years earlier he had already faked his wife’s death.


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