Federer quit the Australian Open, Djokovic and Nadal played Lewandowski (Tennis 24/7)

Monday, December 28, 2020 08:39 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, tennis news) Tennis news from 22-28 / 12: The representative of Roger Federer reported bad news about “Express Train” before the Australian Open. Meanwhile, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have competed with soccer superstars Robert Lewandowski in their bid to win a grand prize.

Federer accepted to give up the Australian Open, delaying his re-export date

Recently, sharing in an interview with the AP news agency, Tony Godsick – the representative of Roger Federer reported sad news to fans of “Express Train” when he said the legendary 39-year-old Swiss decided withdrew from Australian Open 2021 (taking place from 8-21 / 2 years later) due to need more time to recover fitness.

Tony Godsick, representative of Roger Federer confirmed “Express Train” will not attend the 2021 Australian Open

“Roger has decided not to play at the 2021 Australian Open. He has made great progress over the past few months regarding his knee injury and fitness. However, after consulting the team. The coaching staff, he decided that it was decided that it was best for him in the long term to return to tennis since the Australian Open.

We’ll start discussions next week on the tournaments starting at the end of February and then will start building up the schedule for the rest of next year, ā€¯Godsick revealed.

Video Roger Federer faces Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open men’s singles semi-finals in 2020:

Competition for “Athlete of the Year”, Djokovic and Nadal lost far behind Lewandowski

According to Tennis World USA, football superstar Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich) has just been elected “The best sports player in Europe 2020”. Ranked 2nd and 3rd on this list, respectively, seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton and seven-time pole-jumper Armand Duplantis.

Federer quit the Australian Open, Djokovic and Nadal played Lewandowski (Tennis 24/7) - 2

Outperforming Djokovic and Nadal, Lewandowski was voted “Europe’s best sportsman 2020”.

The two current number 1 and 2 male tennis players in the world, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, respectively, got the fourth and fifth votes on the list of competing for the title “Best sports player in Europe year 2020 “.

This year has been a really successful year for Lewandowski. Polish striker sublimation to contribute greatly to help Bayern Munich win 5 trophies in 2020. Lewy himself has just won three individual titles of “UEFA Player of the Year”, “FIFA The Best” and “Player of the Year” at the “Global Football” gala in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Tennis beauty Wozniacki scheduled to re-match Serena Williams

Former Australian Open 2018 women’s singles champion Caroline Wozniacki has just confirmed her performance with Serena Williams will take place in 2021. This is a match that Danish lady Wozniacki wants to thank her fans after she announced retirement at the beginning of the 2020 season.

Federer quit the Australian Open, Djokovic and Nadal played Lewandowski (Tennis 24/7) - 3

After 1 year retired, Caroline Wozniacki will return to play with her best friend Serena Williams

Before that, the match between Wozniacki and Serena was scheduled to take place on May 18 this year, but was postponed due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, causing the activities of the world ball village to be delayed. The Williams sister is a longtime rival and also a very close friend to Wozniacki.

Serena was even a bridesmaid for Wozniacki at her wedding with her husband, former NBA player David Lee in mid-June last year at Castiglion del Bosco (Tuscany, Italy).

French tennis star changes nationality

On Christmas Day (December 25), Elliot Benchetrit – ranked 208 player in the world, decided to give up his French nationality to play for the Marocco tennis team in the hope of having more opportunities. to compete at the Davis Cup and the Olympic Games in 2021.

“Sao Mai” 22 years old was born in the city of Nice (France) but has a Moroccan biological father. Therefore, Benchetrit completely qualified to switch to the naturalization of the North African country.

Federer quit the Australian Open, Djokovic and Nadal played Lewandowski (Tennis 24/7) - 4

Elliot Benchetrit gave up his French nationality to play for Morocco, his biological father’s hometown

The sexually abused beauty called the Australian tennis bad boy her husband after only 1 month of dating

Recently, sharing on Instagram Stories, Vanessa Sierra – the beauty of the reality TV show “Island of Love” has uploaded a short video clip of her leaning on her boyfriend Bernard Tomic’s shoulder and being “The bad guy of the pants Australian rackets “kiss the forehead when they are in a car. The 25-year-old beauty also calls Tomic intimate as “husband”.

Federer quit the Australian Open, Djokovic and Nadal played Lewandowski (Tennis 24/7) - 6

Vanessa Sierra is happy with her bad son, Bernard Tomic

Earlier, in a post on Instagram on December 5, Tomic lovingly called Sierra “wife” when they took pictures of each other lovingly. This couple has only been dating publicly since November this year. Before that, the brown-haired Sierra Sierra once confessed on her personal page that she had been homeless and sexually abused at the age of 15:

“I used to be on the street at the age of 15, with no home to go home, nothing to eat for a few days. I couldn’t get any subsidy from the government because I was too young at that time. I was kidnapped by drug addicts, I was sexually abused and abandoned, “Tomic’s current girlfriend recalls.

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(Sports news, tennis news) Coincidentally, two famous male tennis players are married in the last month of 2020.


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