Federer is still racing Nadal at Roland Garros to then behave beautifully at Wimbledon

Tuesday, April 27, 2021 10:05 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, tennis news) Priority is given to Wimbledon but Federer will not give up the Roland Garros title if given the opportunity.

Since returning to the village of felt, Roger Federer has just participated in exactly one tournament, the Qatar Open, which took place in March and stopped at the quarterfinals (losing to Nicoloz Basilashvili). On April 18, the 39-year-old legend announced he would attend the Geneva Open, ATP 250 on a clay court in his home country of Switzerland (May 16-22), just over a week before competing at Roland Garros (30 / 5 – June 13).

Federer waited to surprise Nadal at Roland Garros before thinking of Wimbledon?

This information was surprising because before that, fans predicted that Federer could return in one of the two ATP Masters 1000 tournaments, Madrid (April 30 – May 9) or Rome (May 9-16). Even many opinions suggest that Federer only attended the tournament on clay to “heat up” more before heading to Wimbledon (scheduled to take place on June 28 to July 11), where he was crowned 8 times.

However, Jimmy Arias, the former 5th ranked tennis player in the world believes that “Express Train” does not give up Roland Garros easily, even becoming a candidate for the championship.

“If the start goes well at Roland Garros, Federer won’t just think about Wimbledon. He wants to win every possible trophy and is currently the 3rd and 4th best player on clay, so why not direction. to the Roland Garros championship?

Tsitsipas and Nadal, Djokovic are the top candidates at Roland Garros, I will temporarily remove Thiem from this list until I see him play at the Madrid Masters and Rome Masters. Federer is undoubtedly present, “said Arias on Tennis World USA.

Judging by Federer’s ability to win the 9th Wimbledon, Arias is extremely optimistic: “Federer is of course in the top 3 contenders for the Wimbledon title. in the end watch him play. If he keeps running like that, he’s still better than anyone else on the pitch. “

Source: http: //danviet.vn/federer-van-dua-nadal-o-roland-garros-de-sau-do-xu-dep-o-wimbledon-50202127410 …

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