F1 racing, Canadian GP: Sweet fruit for Verstappen

(Sports News – F1 Racing News) Verstappen held steady throughout the race at Gilles Villeneuve on Sunday afternoon to claim his first win here, his fifth win in the last six races. Sainz was ambitious to win the race, but failed.

Different from Saturday, Sunday afternoon race at Gilles Villeneuve took place in dry weather, sunny weather, racetrack temperature in the range of 20ºC. All 20 cars started with slick tires. No driver used soft tires (Soft), 5 cars of Norris, Perez, Leclerc, Bottas and Stroll started with hard tires (Hard), the rest of the racers were medium tires (Medium). All of the top 10 cars use this tire.

The race starts and the first corner.

After the warm-up lap, the cars return to the starting line, when the light goes out, the racing team accelerates to the first corner. Leading the race is still Verstappen. In the rear Russell passed Schumacher to 7th, Perez to 11th, and Leclerc also to 18th. Magnussen failed to attack Hamilton and slightly damaged the front spoiler, the track supervisor considered this to be a danger. Harm to the racers on the track or not!

After DRS was activated, Sainz easily attacked and took 2nd place from Alonso, but the gap with the leader was almost 3 seconds. It is very difficult for the Spanish driver to attack the opponent, when the front left tire is showing signs of deterioration. Teammate Leclerc also rose to 16th place after beating Gasly and Stroll.

Russell has moved up to 5th place, closely following teammate Hamilton. Driver Magnussen was asked by the race supervisor to stop the pit to replace the front spoiler, returning to the race in last place. Gasly and Vettel also had the first pit-stop to switch to hard tyres.

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Perez gave up regretfully because of a technical problem

In the 7th round, the first incident appeared, Perez’s car had a problem that was likely related to the gearbox, the driver was forced to give up, and the virtual safety car signal (VSC) was activated. Immediately Red Bull and Mercedes called Verstappen and Hamilton to stop and change to hard tires, Sainz and Alonso continued to lead the race.

As soon as VSC finished, Hamilton attacked Ocon and moved up to 5th place, right behind teammate Russell. Leclerc also got 12th place soon after. Next is Verstappen passing Alonso to follow Sainz who is leading the race, 5 seconds behind and new tires, overcoming the opponent is not a difficult problem for this driver.

Round 18, Mick Schumacher was the next driver to give up because of engine problems, one more time VSC was activated. Sainz and Russell took advantage of the opportunity to change into a new set of hard tires, Ferrari’s steering wheel returned to the 3rd place race. Soon, taking advantage of the new set of tires, he surpassed fellow driver Alonso once again to win the race. to 2nd, not long after Hamilton succeeded to take 3rd place from the Alpine driver. Leclerc rose to 7th place and threatened Ocon’s 6th place.

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Mick Schumacher was also unable to finish the race.

At this point, McLaren made the inappropriate decision to pit both drivers with the same pit-stop, resulting in Norris spending a lot of time waiting for the technical team to process Ricciardo’s car first, with delays. Hey, driver #4 is back in the race for 17th place.

It was not until the 28th round that Alonso stopped pitting, this could be the tactical choice of 1pit-stop of the Alpine driver. He returned to the race with 7th place behind Leclerc. Russell of course got 4th place after Hamilton. Although the tires are newer, he hardly has a chance to surpass his teammates to be on the podium.

Verstappen firmly took the top spot with an eight-second lead over Sainz, although there were still concerns about unexpected tire deterioration. Norris’s engine was having problems that prevented the driver from improving his ranking, caught between the Williams duo at the end of the race.

By lap 41, realizing that the opportunity to pass Ocon was difficult with old tires, Ferrari called Leclerc in to switch to Medium tires. A stop of 5.3 seconds sent the driver back to the race in 12th place, taking a long time to overcome the series of opponents right ahead.

Round 42, Verstappen pit-stop returned to the 3rd place race, immediately he surpassed Hamilton to go to 2nd, 10 seconds behind Sainz. Hamilton and Russell were called by Mercedes to stop changing tires shortly after. Ferrari and Sainz were hoping to have a safety car (SC) to work out their own stopping strategy, so the driver stayed on the track.

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Tsunoda hit the barrier on turn 2, causing the safety car to appear on the track

And what they expected came, lap 49, Tsunoda after the pit-stop leaving the pit-lane hit the barrier on corner 2. SC was called, Sainz stopped the pit and returned to the race immediately after Verstappen. This promises a chase for the rest of the race between these two drivers.

As soon as SC left, the race returned to be as Ferrari expected, the showdown for the victory of the race. Hamilton is expected to surprise if he overcomes the two leading rivals in the race.

In the back, Leclerc closely followed the Alpine duo. This team has warned Ocon that the Ferrari driver is behind Alonso, try to maintain your position as best you can. But the strength of the A522 was not enough, it only took 2 laps for Leclerc to overtake this duo to 5th place, even though he once lost control of the curb on the last corner.

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Verstappen won the Canadian GP 2022

At the top of the race, Sainz put a lot of pressure on Verstappen, but the distance was not enough for him to overtake his opponent, despite the advantage of activating DRS. With the solid bravery of the reigning World Champion, Verstappen made no mistake to finish first at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Verstappen’s first win at the Canadian GP, ​​Red Bull’s sixth win in a row helps them continue to strengthen their driver rankings on the individual leaderboard.

Sainz finished 2nd with Hamilton on the podium to receive the award. The drivers respectively finished in the top 10: Russell, Leclerc, the Alpine duo Ocon 6th and Alonso 9, in between were Alfa Romeo Bottass and Zhou drivers.

The final place with points belongs to the encouraging efforts of host driver Stroll of Aston Martin.

Canadian GP . Result

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At the end of their visit to North America, the teams return to Europe with more than a week of rest and will prepare for the race at Silverstone, where there will likely be upgrade packages for the racing teams. Hopefully the British GP will bring a lot of emotions with the competition screens throughout the race. The race in the UK will take place from July 1 to 3, 2022.

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F1 racing, Canadian GP classification: Verstappen's solo performance

(Sports news, F1 racing news) Under heavy rain at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Verstappen took the Canadian GP pole in a volatile ranking.

According to Danica Patrick (24h.com.vn) (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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