Excitement at the Atlantic Hotel: Bomb alarm on the Alster

Hamburg – Large-scale police operation on the Alster!

On Wednesday, shortly before midnight, a passer-by reported a suspicious object that was leaning against a stone. The number “9” was painted on the stone.

The object was leaning against a stone. The number “9” was painted on it

Photo: Thomas Knoop

The location: around 100 meters from the luxury hotel Atlantic, not far from the railway line to the main train station.

Police cars sped up. After a first look, the officers immediately decided: withdraw, everything will be cordoned off! Cars are no longer allowed to pass the street An der Alster.

Teaser picture

The defuser car is parked near the Atlantic Hotel

Photo: Thomas Knoop

The defuser from the State Criminal Police Office moved in, x-raying the olive-green object. Then he transported the part to his bomb safe.

According to BILD information, it should be a Russian IP 5 filter cartridge for a diving device. It is completely puzzling why it was lying around on the Alster.

Police investigations are continuing.

Teaser picture

As a precaution, the item is placed in the bomb safe in the defuser vehicle

Photo: Thomas Knoop


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