“Even mice go to paradise”, the very animated souls of animals

Even mice go to heaven ***

by Denisa Grimmova and Jan Bubenicek

Czech, French, Polish and Slovak animated film, 1 h 26. From 5 years.

We will all go to Heaven, even the animals. After a confrontation with a fox, a mouse finds itself propelled there from the first minutes of this animated film which has many surprises in store for the family audience for which it is intended.

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In this animal Eden, the two antagonists find themselves on an equal footing. They must learn to get rid of their instincts and other tinsel of their earthly life by following an introspective and spiritual journey that falls within the classic initiatory narrative of the tale. Except that the stages of their journey are surprisingly original and visually rich enough.


Adaptation of a children’s novel by Iva Prochazkova, this full-length animated feature film benefits from the know-how of the Czech school of puppet films, Hermina Tyrlova (The toy revolt) in Lubomir Benes (Pat and Mat) through Jiri Trnka (The hand). Our two heroes, the cowardly mouse and the shy fox, will pass through handmade decorations (there are almost 80 of them!) With an impressive luxury of details.

Very nicely lit, these paradise baths, mirrors of eternity and whale entrails are truly enchanting while remaining playful. The amusement park, where the soon-to-be learned how to exorcise their old wounds, makes you want to take a few rounds of the merry-go-round. It is all the more regrettable that the dubbing is not up to the level of the care taken in artistic direction and animation …

Obviously, the enemies of yesterday will become the friends of tomorrow, learning from their experience a lesson in tolerance. The opportunity to discuss the major questions of childhood: friendship, difference, self-confidence, fear. But the film is less predictable than it looks. Approaching bluntly the delicate theme of death, the writers made sure to tell their story in a light and joyful tone, inviting us to think of departure as the hope of a rebirth.


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