Even before Easter: All students have to go back to the classroom

Düsseldorf – From March 15, before Easter, all students in North Rhine-Westphalia should return to schools – at least on a daily basis in alternation mode.

The NRW school ministry wrote this in an email to the schools on Friday. The younger ones and the final classes started on February 22nd, now everyone else is joining them.

For the time being, lessons with halved class sizes in alternating mode are planned until the Easter holidays. No student should be without face-to-face lessons for more than a week.

“When introducing the changeover model, the classes or courses are usually divided into two groups to reduce contact, so that there is a change from face-to-face and distance teaching in the remaining two weeks up to the Easter break,” said the ministry.

For the elementary school students, special school students and the final year, nothing will change initially. “The currently applicable requirements for the design of the change from face-to-face and distance teaching will continue unchanged until the Easter holidays in 2021.”

This means that NRW will bring all students back to face-to-face classes before the Easter break (beginning on March 29).

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