Eschweiler: Police block A 44 for dogs that have escaped

Eschweiler – Motorway closure Sunday morning for two four-legged runaways.

The dogs Mascha (1) and Luna (9) escaped from their owners’ garden in Eschweiler. But instead of going on a tour of discovery in a forest, the two Bernese Mountain Dogs ran straight to the nearby A 44 motorway …

The owner (72) of the animals was in the house when his mobile phone sounded the alarm and indicated that the two were on the A44 in the direction of Mönchengladbach. This was possible because the dogs have GPS transmitters. The owner alerted the police.

A policewoman handed the runaways to their overjoyed owners

Photo: Cologne Police Headquarters

“We provided the dogs with GPS trackers. So I know that the two of them are on the highway, ”he explained. The officers raced for the highway, completely closed it to traffic.

While drivers were able to catch the first dog after a quarter of an hour, the other fled to a field. Officials from the Aachen police force, the Broichweiden motorway guard and the federal police rushed to the escape point and chased after the second runaway. Finally it was possible to catch this four-legged friend.

“Less than an hour after the outbreak, Mascha and Luna were handed over to their overjoyed owners,” reports the police and hopes that the property will soon be better secured.


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