Emergency surgery! 15-year-old sticks a whole USB cable into his penis

Teenagers and the desire to explore their own bodies – apparently a dangerous mix …

At least in the case of a 15-year-old from Great Britain. The teenager allegedly wanted to measure the length of his penis – and to top it all off, he pushed a whole USB cable into his urethra, which was still knotted. Reported about it “Urology Case Reports”.

The urological magazine tells with medical sobriety what happened. The adolescent, who was not described in detail, had inserted the knotted cable in the course of a “sexual experiment”, but was unable to take it out again. And so the 15-year-old went to the hospital.

Doctors operated on this USB cable from the urethra of a 15-year-oldPhoto: sciencedirect

The doctors, who shouldn’t have been astonished at first, then tried to pull out the adapter. However: “Manual and endoscopic attempts at removal were unsuccessful.” And so a surgeon had to do a so-called urethral slit.

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The emergency operation was successful, the foreign body removed. Since the youth could not go to the toilet, a catheter had already been placed before the operation. He had to wear it for two more weeks. The patient was also prescribed antibiotics.

The specialist magazine calls the introduction of a foreign body a “delicate matter” and does not forget to mention that the 15-year-old was with his mother and initially spoke very cautiously about his problem.

“Urology Case Reports” sums up: “That was another case of sexual curiosity that led to a demanding surgical emergency.” The doctors cite pins and pistachio shells as further examples of distant objects.

According to the report, the patient had no mental disorder. Rather, it was about the desire for satisfaction. These are the two main causes of the introduction of foreign bodies.


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