Electricity and gas bills: UFC-Que Choisir denounces the “aberration” of VAT on taxes

The UFC-Que Choisir denounced Monday, June 14 “Aberration” VAT on energy taxes, which weigh on electricity and gas bills, and launched a petition to say “Stop tax escalation”.

The consumer defense association denounces in a press release “The aberration of VAT on energy taxes” which represent over a year “57 euros on the bills of households heated by electricity (1 billion in total!) And 48 euros for households heated by gas”.

VAT is in fact added to certain taxes and contributions, which represent about a third of the bill.

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For the electricity of individuals, a VAT at 5.5% is thus applied on the amount of the subscription but also of the “Transmission tariff contribution” (CTA), intended to finance specific retirement insurance rights for personnel in the electricity and gas sector.

“Explosion of invoices”

A 20% VAT is also applied to the contribution to the public service of electricity (CSPE) and to taxes on final consumption of electricity (TCFE).

“But where is the added value a tax? The original logic of the VAT is completely distorted to turn it into a hellish suction pump “, according to the UFC, which is launching a petition on its website.

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The association had already denounced in May a “Explosion of bills” electricity. According to his calculations, the regulated sales tariff (TRV) for electricity has increased by nearly 50% in ten years.

It also launched on Monday a campaign to bring together consumers to obtain advantageous electricity and gas contracts from suppliers.

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