E-mobility: Vitesco receives major US orders – 1 billion euros

Regensburg – Car manufacturers shell out billions for this technology!

A large US car manufacturer has at the Regensburg car supplier “ Vitesco Technologies“ ordered – for more than one billion euros! There are also orders from a Chinese and Japanese automobile manufacturer – each worth several hundred million euros.

What exactly ended up in the shopping basket?

The US order worth billions is about power electronics for electric cars – inverters, also known as pulse-controlled inverters. “This is the link between the battery and the electric machine. The power electronics convert the direct current from the battery into alternating current for the electrical machine. This is comparable to an internal combustion engine with an injection system and engine control,” says Alexander Reich (42), Head of Innovation and Power Electronics at Vitesco Technologies, to BILD. The Vitesco power electronics are said to be up to 15 percent more efficient than conventional models.

The technology consists of more than 1000 components such as switches, sensors and microcomputers. Around 30 switches that turn the power on and off are installed. “Here we transmit 800 volts,” says Alexander Reich. The 800 volt inverter with silicon carbide technology massively reduces the charging time. The battery should be charged up to 80 percent in less than twenty minutes.

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The Vitesco power electronics are hidden in this silver-colored box

Photo: Theo Klein

Whether a hybrid or electric car can fully exploit the potential of its electric drive is primarily determined by the power electronics (the link between the electric motor and the high-voltage battery). This is the heart of the electrical system and ensures that the braking energy (alternating current) is fed back into the battery (direct current). The better the efficiency, the more energy is available for the next acceleration – and the greater the range.

Vitesco technology is already rolling down our streets: parts from the Regensburg automotive supplier are installed in the Jaguar I-Pace and Peugeot e-208. The brand new high-voltage inverters (4th generation) are not yet in series production.

For the US order, Alexander Reich expects three to four years of development until Generation 4 comes into the electric car. It is scheduled to start production of the high-voltage inverters in North America at the beginning of 2025.

teaser image

This is what the box looks like from the inside: The inverter consists of more than 1000 parts

Photo: Theo Klein

teaser image

The inverter is adapted according to the customer’s wishes, for example the screwing points are rearranged

Photo: Theo Klein

Vitesco Technologies

Vitesco Technologies is the former drive division of the Continental Group. The automotive supplier for drive technologies has been an independent, listed company (SDax) since September 2021. 7100 engineers work at Vitesco.

The portfolio includes electric drives and power electronics for hybrid and electric vehicles as well as electronic controls, sensors and actuators.

Future electric car?

According to EU plans, CO2 emissions from cars are to be reduced by 100 percent by 2035. In concrete terms, this means that the car fleets will no longer be allowed to emit a gram of CO2! So far, this has only been possible with electric cars.

Generation 5 of the Vitesco technology aims to further increase efficiency and reduce costs. “In addition, the issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Here we focus, for example, on sustainable materials, the CO2 footprint and the recyclability of the products,” explains Reich.


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