Düsseldorf: Photo at Corona demo: Confusion around Rheinbahn drivers

Düsseldorf – After a controversial discussion on social networks, the Düsseldorf Rheinbahn officially checked whether one of its tram drivers was cheering on corona deniers.

The trigger was a photo that shows a Rheinbahn driver clenching the winning fist seemingly benevolent in the direction of a demo group. It is said to be participants in the large demonstration by Corona opponents on April 14th, which the police described in their balance sheet as “intensive”.

When asked by BILD, a Rheinbahn spokesman said that the facts were known and would be examined.

On Thursday, the spokesman announced that the driver “only replied to a participant’s speech by megaphone (hello, tram driver) with a show of hands”. Further: “It is therefore an imitation and not a gesture of solidarity”.

That it was a demonstration of corona deniers, the driver “did not notice in the short time, because he had to watch out for the traffic”.


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