Duisburg: Father in custody – baby (3 months) dies of head injuries

Duisburg – A young boy (3 months) died in Duisburg last weekend in hospital, as the police and public prosecutor announced on Friday morning. His father (37) is in custody!

On the evening of October 15, the police found out about the seriously injured baby. The officers met the single father in an apartment in the north of Duisburg. The baby had severe head injuries. An ambulance took him to a Duisburg hospital – intensive care unit!

The public prosecutor’s office in Duisburg initially assessed the act as an attempted homicide. The criminal police set up a homicide squad. The child’s father was arrested as an urgent suspect! The judge sent him to custody on suspicion of serious bodily harm in the act of maltreatment of those under protection.

Unfortunately, the baby died from his serious injuries at the weekend. “Why the man did this to his son is completely unclear. The accused does not provide any information, “said prosecutor Jill McCuller on Friday to BILD. With regard to the family’s personal rights, she did not want to provide any information about the child’s mother.

After the autopsy and further interrogations during the week, according to a police spokesman, the investigators were only able to inform about the case several days after the death of the child.

Now the warrant had to be extended to manslaughter.


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