Driven by the landlords? Miss Germany candidate charged

Nuremberg – This video is scary: A hate mob chases a dark-skinned woman and her crying child through a village in the Nürnberger Land district. The woman is the Sudanese Rawan E. (25, wants to be Miss Germany).

Several men and women run after her, insulting her and her son with the worst of words. A woman says, “Run for your life.”

On the video, the angry mob is raging through the village – a woman is holding back her husband

The video was shared thousands of times on Instagram and Twitter. With clear ratings: “Filthy Nazis, shitty village idiots, racists hang up, disgusting scraps.”

But there is a history.

Because Rawan E. did not pay the rent deposit, the landlord switched off electricity and water. The dispute broke out, which escalated on August 6, 2020. Rawan E. attacked her landlady (35): “I hit her in the face and bit her.”

According to prosecutors, the bite in the forearm was so severe that blood flowed. Rawan E. is also said to have kicked the head and shoulder of the woman lying on the floor several times and threatened: “I’ll kill you and your fucking family.”

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She denies all of this. Dangerous bodily harm was charged anyway, and a hearing will take place in October. Immediately after the attack, family members of the landlord and neighbor followed Rawan E. – this is how the video was made.

Senior Public Prosecutor Antje Gabriels-Gorsolke (58): “We initially investigated three neighbors. But there was no criminal complaint from the persecuted woman. That’s why we had to stop the procedure. “

Many people on the Internet think like a user who writes: “No matter what happened, you don’t follow an unarmed woman with a child.” Rawan E. has meanwhile moved away from the village.


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