Dragon Lord: Probation! Youtuber does not have to go to jail for the time being

He has averted a prison sentence for the time being!

The YouTuber “Dragon Lord” has been sentenced to a suspended sentence of one year.

The accused Rainer Winkler (32) was guilty, among other things, of dangerous bodily harm and insult, said the presiding judge on Wednesday in the appeal hearing at the district court in Nuremberg.

The prosecutor had previously demanded two years and three months in prison for the YouTuber, who pleaded for a light sentence. According to a psychiatric expert, the YouTuber is less responsible.

Winkler got off on probationPhoto: Hannah Zylka

The District Court of Neustadt an der Aisch had sentenced the video blogger to two years in prison without parole last October. The prosecution and defense had appealed against this.

However, the milder verdict that has now been issued also means that if he commits a criminal offense during his probationary period, he is at risk of going behind bars.

The YouTuber has been arguing with his opponents for years – on the internet and in the real world. In the past, they regularly appeared in front of his house in Middle Franconia to provoke him.

In several cases, the “Dragon Lord” became violent after mutual insults. Among other things, he admitted in court that he had attacked a man in front of his house with a flashlight and put another in a headlock and hit him.

In the grounds for the judgment, the court explained the lenient sentence by saying that Winkler’s house, the so-called “Drachenschanze”, no longer exists. Therefore, it is more likely that he will remain unpunished in the future.

Winkler is said to seek psychological treatment for his adjustment disorder, contact a media consultant and pay 2,500 euros to children with cancer.

This is how the last day of the trial went

The process started late: the dragon lord was delayed for 20 minutes. The hair greasy. With jogging pants, no socks and comfortable sandals – the lord looked ratty.

He said of his motive: “Personally, I try not to hit anyone if I can avoid it.” He could no longer remember all the details. “There are so many cases over time that they blur. Some people also come more often,” he said, looking at the onlookers who have appeared in front of his house for years.

They also insisted on appearing before the court. Hundreds of fans and onlookers gathered early in the morning. The police were also there.

Fans of the dragon lord gathered in front of the court

Fans of the dragon lord gathered in front of the courtPhoto: Hannah Zylka

The trial before the district court had already shown that the attacks were always preceded by mutual insults. The later victims drove to the YouTuber’s house, rattled his fence, in some cases entered his property and lured him out of the house with loud shouts to take pictures of him and insult him.

Again and again the police had to move out because of disturbance of the peace, trespassing and other reports. Some of the haters have therefore already had to answer for criminal offenses in other cases, and in other cases these have been discontinued.

Victim: “I challenged it”

The young man who the YouTuber attacked with the flashlight also admitted in court to going drunk to the YouTuber’s house late in the evening in September 2019 and provoking him. “I’ll be honest, I pushed it a bit. It’s your own fault if you go there,” he said.

The man also appeared drunk in court. He told the judge, “I drank two beers with a friend.”

The then 18-year-old suffered a laceration on his head. According to the court, a video shows him stepping very close to the fence and asking the “dragon lord” to hit him. Before that, he stuck his finger through the fence and shouted triumphantly: “We’re on your property,” the judge said.

Winkler also benefited from the fact that these provocations were documented.

A witness also shows understanding for the dragon lord

A friend of the victim who was there at the time and posted a video of it online said he now understands why the YouTuber became so aggressive. He said if people behaved like that in his house, he’d freak out too. Out of curiosity, he went to the house to take photos. “We had never seen a YouTuber.” Then the whole thing rocked. “I’m really ashamed of it.”


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