Donating books for poor children in Quang Tri

As a literature teacher at a secondary school in Quang Tri, Hoai often calls on groups of her friends to support books for the students here.

Graduating from a university outside Hanoi, Hoai followed her husband to the Central region for more than 10 years. She understands the difficult situation and the lack of books of local children. The old books, whether they are comic books, literary or scientific books, are still cherished and appreciated by her students.

“Reading helps children learn literature better, but it is important for them to have a rich imagination and spiritual life,” Hoai shared. She still remembers one of her students, after reading Doremon, who dreamed of becoming the scientist who invented the mechanical cats. She wishes to have book donation programs for disadvantaged children, adding motivation for a bright tomorrow for them.

Kim Hau, a 13-year-old student in the Central region helps her parents with farming during the school holidays. Image: Viet Quoc.

This is also the wish of Linh, a Lazada employee. Returning to Ho Chi Minh City after a recent charity trip in the Central region, Linh still does not stop feeling sad when he sees the 4th grade students with small stature like 4 or 5 year old children. Leaving bare feet in the 14 degree Celsius weather of Quang Tri, the children did not seem to know the cold, passionately pinning their heads on a story book in the schoolyard had not yet dried puddles of rain.

When asked: “What is your dream?”, The children quickly replied: “I want to grow up quickly to work as a parent, but my family is so flooded”.

“Baby, it was a dream too, but her dream made many of us adults realize the harshness of life. Poverty, natural disasters and the lack of means to nurture the soul make dreams. I am more and more obliged to dream, “Linh recalls.

Seeing firsthand the stories of students in Central Vietnam, listening and feeling, Linh and colleagues clearly understand how big their appreciation for books is. Each textbook is neatly folded after each lesson. Each finger gropes on the words in the story book “The adventure cricket”. Each passionate smile tells about the adventures to the promised land. All light shines with the clarity of the child. But Linh and colleagues desire to have a quality source of books to “nurture” her life more color.

Sometimes the dream of poor children is simply to grow up quickly to be a parent.  Photo: Lazada.

Sometimes the dream of poor children is simply to grow up quickly to be a parent. Image: Lazada.

Linh and colleagues are very happy that recently, Lazada – where she works has initiated the book donation program so that no children will be left on the journey of “incubation”. In order to equip the students of Quang Tri with good books, open a new horizon of knowledge, help them access a variety of useful and useful information sources, Lazada and WeChoice – The award seeks and honors the individuals and stories that most inspire the community – have joined hands together to implement the program “Donate the dream book”.

Mr. James Dong, General Director of Lazada Vietnam said: “We initiate the program ‘Donate the dream book’ with the desire to contribute to lighting up the dreams and aspirations of children in remote areas. glad to receive the companionship from leading prestigious partners in Vietnam such as Fahasa, Alpha Books, Deli and WeDo “. Mr. James Dong hopes to continue to have more cooperation from the community so that the program “Donate the dream book” will grow stronger and bring more great values ​​to children across Vietnam.

“Apricot book donation” is also an activity within the framework of “Genuine Book Festival” lasting for 3 days from December 23 to December 25, implemented by Lazada. It is expected that the program will donate 20,000 books and 10,000 learning kits to pupils at 10 elementary and secondary schools with many difficulties in Dong Ha city and Gio Linh district, province. Quang Tri.

At the program “Donate the dream book” there are tens of thousands of diverse genuine policies, many incentives for consumers such as discounts up to 40% and free shipping. In addition, there are thousands of discount codes in the golden hours 0-2:00, 12-14:00 and 20-22:00 per day. In particular, with each order with a total value of 200,000 VND or more, Lazada and partners Fahasa, Alpha Books and Deli will deduct 10% of the order value to contribute to the program “Donate the nursery book”.

Hoang Anh

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You can also join hands to contribute a book nursery for Quang Tri children here.


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