Dismembered woman’s corpse: Ekaterina was sunk in this suitcase

Bremerhaven – The horrible turnaround in the case of the missing Ekaterina B. († 32) still shocks all of Bremerhaven.

A suitcase containing parts of Ekaterina’s body was fished out of the Weser on Tuesday. Shortly before, BILD reader reporter Michael Blume (68) made an unusual discovery on a walk – without knowing the terrible secret it contained.

Ekaterina B. († 32) has a 5-year-old daughter and has been missing since February 4th

Photo: Police Bremerhaven

The pensioner: “I was still surprised because suitcases don’t usually wash up there and I even wanted to get him out. Just because it was so smooth didn’t mean I did it.”

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A little later, murder investigators are on site and securing clues. Special forces were again deployed on the Weser on Thursday.

A spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office: “We are looking for traces that may be related to the crime, the deceased and the accused and are trying, among other things, to reconstruct how the suitcase could have gotten to the later location.”

THW forces are looking for further traces on the Weser

THW forces are looking for further traces on the Weser

Photo: Horning

Husband Walter B., who has so far remained silent on the allegations, is considered an urgent suspect.


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