DHfK Leipzig: Into the future with Birlehm and Mamic

The SC DHfK of the future is now almost complete.

With goalkeeper Joel Birlehm (24) and backcourt shooter Marko Mamic (27), two top performers extended long-term. Birlehm signed until 2024. Mamic until 2025.

Marko Mamic has been playing for Leipzig since 2019. He came from Kielce (Poland)Photo: Susann Friedrich

“I’m super happy,” says Birlehm. “Karsten can really persuade, but in the end he convinced me.” Managing director Karsten Günther (39) also convinced the Croat, who stayed for four more years. Mamic: “I didn’t have to think too much. There aren’t that many great clubs. “

Before the game on Thursday (7 p.m.) against Melsungen, the staff interviews with Leipzig’s handball players are basically over. Oskar Sunnefeldt comes from Kiel, Simon Ernst from Berlin. Everything is also clear with Sime Ivic (Erlangen), who cured a corona infection and an abdominal muscle strain. ´

Only the commitment of Lovro Jotic (Skopje) is open. Apparently it’s about money because his contract in North Macedonia runs until 2022. Günther: “We are in good talks.”


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