Delicious dishes from squid won the 4th week award ‘Xèo Xèo – Why don’t you cook’

The article sharing how to prepare three delicious dishes from squid by reader Ngoc Suong won the first prize of week 4 “Xèo Xèo – Why don’t you cook it”.

Participating in the contest with the article “Variation of 3 delicious dishes from squid”, reader Ngoc Suong, Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh City shared that squid is one of the seafood that her family members like very much. favored.

According to Ms. Suong, squid can make many delicious dishes such as steamed onions and ginger with ginger fish sauce, fried with fish sauce, fried with satay… Any dish she makes is also loved by the whole family because of its delicious taste and eye-catching colors. , very stimulating taste.

“There is no happiness like when you make many delicious dishes for your family to enjoy and more happy when everyone eats and compliments them. Happiness comes from simple things, right?” Ms. Suong shared her feelings in the article.

Fried squid with fish sauce – one of the three dishes made by Ms. Suong to treat the whole family – won the 4th week first prize.

In addition to describing the taste of the 3 squid dishes, Ms. Suong also detailed instructions on how to prepare ingredients and how to perform them meticulously and skillfully.

The article of the Saigon woman meets the criteria for judging and the contest rules, receives the attention of readers and is highly appreciated by the jury, wins the first prize in week 4. The gift for the first prize of the week. 4 will be 2 million VND and a gift from sponsor Vianco.

In this week 4, besides Ms. Suong’s entry in Tan Binh district, the jury also highly appreciated the article “Nourishing pumpkin flan cake” by reader Tran Tran, Go Vap district, Ho Chi Minh City.

Reader Tran Tran has made flan from pumpkin with detailed lines on how to make this delicious dish. She describes an attractive pumpkin flan dish thanks to the blend of pumpkin flavor and greasy flan, very delicious and nutritious.

How to make pumpkin flan cake helped Tran Tran win second place in the 4th week of the contest.

How to make pumpkin flan cake helped Tran Tran win second place in the 4th week of the contest.

Besides sharing the steps to make flan, Ms. Tran Tran’s article also received the attention of readers and evaluations from the jury because the dish was presented beautifully and impressively and meticulously made. The article met the contest criteria, won the second prize in week 4, with a prize of one million dong and a gift from sponsor Vianco.

The fourth week of the contest “Xèo Xèo – Why don’t you cook” (December 13 to 19) has ended, with many entries with many topics such as sharing how to make delicious cakes, delicious dishes, and delicious dishes. eating at a family meal… Each entry attracted the attention of readers, and was highly appreciated by the jury for both the content shared and the presentation of attractive dishes.

Procedures for awarding prizes will be notified by the Organizing Committee to the winners via email and phone registered in the contest form.

Contest “Xo Xeo – Why don’t you cook”, by the Cooking page of the Electronic Newspaper in collaboration with the brand Vianco – Vietnamese Indian spices to organize, taking place from November 22 to December 19. The organizers said that after receiving hundreds of entries after 4 weeks of the contest, many readers were interested in the role of meals and family kitchens.

Each week, the Organizing Committee selected two best quality entries, according to the correct criteria for awarding, including: one first prize and one second prize. In which, the reward for the first prize is 2 million VND and a gift from sponsor Vianco; The second prize is one million VND and a gift from sponsor Vianco.

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