Crocodile attacks Melissa Laurie (28): The dramatic minutes afterwards in the boat

It should be an adventure in a dreamlike setting. And ended almost fatally …

Puerto Escondido (Mexico) – Melissa and Georgia Laurie (28) were swimming in the Manialtepec Lagoon (Mexico) on the evening of June 6th when Melissa was attacked by a crocodile. Her twin sister was able to put the animal to flight.

“I saw a crocodile head that was about two feet long. The crocodile grabbed her (Melissa, editor’s note) by the leg, put her in a death roll and tried to pull her away. I hammered on it, and it grabbed me and bit my arm. Then I slapped my other hand and it let go of me. It felt hard, like hitting a table, ”said Georgia, describing the agony with the armored lizard.

Now Elliott Scott (28) and Etan Zeldenrust (19), two friends of the Laurie siblings, described the dramatic minutes after Georgia was pulled back into the boat.

Georgia (left) freed her twin sister Melissa from the crocodile’s throatPhoto: melissa.laurie.37 / Facebook

“This sight will stay with me forever”

Scott traveled with the pair of twins as a backpacker through the country and was shocked after the crocodile attack, according to the British “Daily Mail” he said: “I will remember this sight forever.” Georgia held her twin sister Melissa in her arms , there was blood everywhere. Scott: “She looked me straight in the eye and said, ‘I’m drowning.’ With every breath you could hear the fluid in her lungs. Mel coughed up blood. It was terrible.”

Her twin sister, however, remained brave and focused: “Georgia handled it so well. She and Mel sat across from each other and did not take their eyes off each other. Mel looked like she was falling asleep, but suddenly woke up again and you could hear the rattle in her chest. “

To keep the seriously injured woman calm, Georgia even sang to her twin sister: “She sang their favorite songs together from The Temptations and Smokey Robinson. Everyone on the boat was shocked – nobody said anything, ”said Scott.

An ambulance waited ashore and eventually took the twins to Angel del Mar Hospital. Scott and Zeldenrust willingly donated blood, with success: Zeldenrust’s blood type matched Melissa’s. “It felt very natural to do anything to help,” said the 19-year-old, relieved.

The Laurie sisters looked forward to the glowing plankton in the Manialtepec lagoon

The Laurie sisters looked forward to the glowing plankton in the Manialtepec lagoonPhoto: private

Melissa was put into an artificial coma, but was awake Thursday and spoke a few words, her family announced.

Night boat tours to Manialtepec Lagoon are very popular with tourists. Luminous plankton illuminates the water in a fascinating way. However, swimmers are warned that crocodiles live in the area. The twins’ father, Sean Laurie, told the Daily Mail that his daughters had “specifically asked if it was safe to go swimming,” and the tour guide replied in the affirmative.


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