Corona vaccination: how do I get treatment?

Berlin – All over Germany, vaccination takes place in centers, clinics and old people’s homes – but what actually happens with the leftover vaccine material?

On Wednesday BILD reported on the Ludwig Maximilians University Clinic in Munich. Here the remaining doses are also distributed to people who do not belong to the first category. There was a similar case recently in a nursing home in Mülheim (North Rhine-Westphalia). Some residents withdrew – twelve doses of vaccine remained. So some firefighters got the vaccination.

BILD reporter Christoph Reichwein was also lucky when he reported on a vaccination campaign in an old people’s home in Duisburg. A residue remained in many of the ampoules and was distributed to the rest of the home workers. Then the doctor spoke to him: “If you want … then now!” He received a vaccination certificate straight away. He is now on the waiting list for the second appointment.

But is such a spontaneous injection also possible for “average consumers”? BILD did the test in vaccination centers:


BILD reporter Til Biermann (40) at the vaccination center in BerlinPhoto: Til Biermann

Police and security guard the building, and a lady is standing at the entrance with a list of names. Entry by invitation only! The BILD reporter asks, the lady gives hope: “Wait at the edge.” Then the disillusionment: “Today only with an appointment.”


The security staff at the front and rear entrance blocks: “We don’t have any leftovers. Any remaining vaccination doses will be distributed to employees in the health department. “


Without an invitation, you can’t even get near the vaccination center. The garbage cans in which the vaccination cans are disposed of are in the hall – no chance!

Corona vaccinations in Germany - infographic


Of the 600 registered visitors, only a handful did not come. Daniel Schappert (35), spokesman for the regional association: “As a rule, there is only a minimal residue that we have to dispose of. Because it is not allowed to mix vaccine from two different vials. “


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