Corona: This is how police officers are burned at Corona demos

Dresden – There are oppressive images from Zittau (Saxony): just five police officers face around 700 demonstrators – and try to stop them …

When the opponents of the corona measures break through the police chain, the officers have no chance and are almost overrun!

Five police officers face around 700 people on Monday evening in Zittau (Saxony). Shortly after this picture the crowd marches off, breaks the chain of officials and shouts “Resistance”


Illegal protest walks like the one in Zittau are increasing and growing enormously locally – despite fines of 250 euros. In Saxony, 16,880 participants faced around 2,000 police officers on Monday. Saxony has the toughest regulation: To protect against infection, a maximum of ten demonstrators are allowed in one place.

The problem: too few police officers, too many demonstrators! In addition: the actions are planned to take place in several places at the same time – on Monday there were around 125 in Saxony! The meeting violations are also only administrative offenses.

Teaser picture

March 2021: Protesters try to break a police chain at Cologne Cathedral

Photo: Björn Kietzmann

Saxony’s police chief Horst Kretzschmar (62) to BILD: “There will be no water cannon use due to regulatory offenses. We focus specifically on violent criminals. “

And they strike more and more often! When the police stopped a 500-person elevator in Bautzen on Monday, violent criminals threw firecrackers and bottles. Twelve police officers were injured – pop trauma, bruises, abrasions.

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A police officer in the stranglehold of a demonstrator in Dresden in March 2021

Photo: © Julius Geiler

Calls and videos of the actions are often shared via the news service “Telegram” – among others by the right-wing extremist party “Free Saxony” around leader Martin Kohlmann (44, small photo). According to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution of Saxony, their actions are suitable for “eliminating” the basic democratic order. Right-wing extremists and violent criminals are increasingly mingling in the elevators.

Complaint against mother Child (4) injured by pepper spray at Corona demo

At the Corona demo in Schweinfurt: child (4) injured by pepper spray

Source: News5

December 27, 2021

Police union: “We can’t be at every small demonstration”

Hagen Husgen (57) from the Police Union (GdP): “We call on politicians to open the assembly process when the Corona regulation expires. With the incidence falling, politicians could consider whether peaceful gatherings with several hundred people could not be allowed. The police must not be burned! We cannot be at every small demo, but have to concentrate on places where violent extremists attack our system. “

CDU interior expert: “All inhibitions lost”

CDU interior expert Christoph de Vries (47): “Some of the corona deniers and vaccination opponents have now lost all inhibitions. Police officers are increasingly becoming victims of the enormous resentment. “

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In Bautzen, demonstrators attacked police officers with pyrotechnics on Monday. Twelve officers were injured

“Free Saxony” observed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution

The State Office for the Protection of the Constitution of Saxony (LfV) warns aggressively against the “Free Saxony” and exchanges intensively with the police authorities. The President of the LfV, Dirk-Martin Christian, explains: “The activities of the party are objectively capable of eliminating or impairing the free democratic basic order or some of its central essential elements. That is why this party is now being run as an anti-constitutional movement and is also being monitored by the intelligence service. “

Teaser picture

“Free Saxony” boss Kohlmann (44) with a tie in which you could see swastikas

Photo: Facebook / “Pro Chemnitz”

Development into a “mobilization machine”

“The ‘Free Saxons’ make it clear how a few people can cause great damage through the targeted abuse of social media,” said the Saxon Ministry of the Interior when asked by BILD. “The right-wing extremist party has developed into a ‘mobilization machine’. In the meantime, the ‘Free Saxons’ are among the most active virtual organizers of the protest.

Teaser picture

Tumultuous scenes on Monday evening during the protests in Bautzen

Photo: Bernd März / dpa

Saxony’s Minister of the Interior: “We take the danger very seriously”

Interior Minister Prof. Dr. Roland Wöller: “The Free Saxons are a proven right-wing extremist object of observation by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and in Saxony the engine for the radicalization of the pandemic denial scene. Numerous protest announcements and calls for mobilization are collected, published and shared online – like a pyramid scheme. In this way, extremists have an impact far beyond their own extremist circles and into the middle of society. That is why we take this risk very seriously. “

Vaccination Demos Corona trip through demo Germany

Vaccination demos: Corona trip through demo Germany

Source: BILD

December 23, 2021


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