Corona madness: HE has to pay 500 euros for to-go coffee

Ingolstadt – In the dock for a coffee – and found guilty too!

Kurt Sigl (63) has to pay more than 500 euros because he drank a ‘Coffee-To-Go’ with his wife on January 8, 2021 in the city of Ingolstadt (BILD reported).

Kurt Sigl at the local court

Photo: Stephan Kürthy

This judgment was made yesterday by the district court.

The judge saw it as proven that Sigl had “deliberately” violated the city’s infection ordinance and the mask requirement.

“That was a very expensive coffee”

The president of the “Bundesverband eMobility” saw and sees himself as a victim of Corona arbitrariness and an overzealous police officer. He is said to have insulted him as a “citizen of the Reich” because he could only identify himself with his driver’s license during the inspection. Not relevant for the judge. “That is not the subject of the negotiation,” she said.

After the verdict was announced, she said smugly: “That was a very expensive coffee. Take it sporty ”. Sigl: “I just have no words. We are considering whether to appeal. “


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