Corona in Berlin: Müller no longer rules out a lockdown either

The number of people infected with corona is steadily increasing in the capital. The 7-day incidence is now 110.6. Can a lockdown still be prevented?

Berlin – Berlin’s governing mayor Michael Müller (SPD) made it clear in the ZDF “Heute Journal” that there were “not many options left for making decisions”.

At the same time, he warned of the social consequences of another lockdown, i.e. the far-reaching restrictions on public life as in the spring.

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“And in this respect, I simply don’t want to give up hope that we can prevent this lockdown with our measures and also with our discipline and personal responsibility,” said the SPD politician.

But he had to admit: “You can no longer rule it out.”

► From Saturday, a new infection protection ordinance will apply in Berlin. Masks are required for weekly markets, for ten shopping streets such as Kudamm and Friedrichstraße, for queues and shopping malls. Only 25 people are allowed to meet outside instead of the previous 50.

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On Thursday evening, the Berlin Senate announced that the Berlin police would receive support from the Federal Police over the weekend to check compliance with the Corona rules. 500 police officers from Berlin and just as many from the federal government will monitor streets and squares on Saturday and Sunday to see whether the rules are being observed.


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