Corona: Holetschek does not want to do without a drop of vaccine

Munich – In the fight against the coronavirus, Bavaria’s Minister of Health, Klaus Holetschek, would like the best possible use of the vaccines without any waste.

“It is technically and legally possible to take a seventh or eleventh dose from the vaccine bottle, depending on the manufacturer,” said the CSU politician in Munich. The President of the Bavarian State Medical Association, Gerald Quitterer, also supports the use of all available vaccine doses, which is also recommended by the Federal Ministry of Health.

“With the doctors and in the Bavarian vaccination centers, taking additional doses of vaccine has been a common practice for a long time and is proving its worth every day. I call on the vaccinating facilities to continue to use this option, ”emphasized Holetschek.

The vaccinating doctors would not have to worry about a change in liability, as they would ultimately have to be sure that they had drawn the correct amount into the syringes for each dose. It is also important: the vaccine must not be mixed from several bottles.

Bavaria has already procured syringes and cannulas for taking the sixth dose of Biontech since January and given them to the vaccination centers – thus creating the technical feasibility.


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