Corona: First graders have significant deficits due to the pandemic

It’s going to be a tough start to school!

According to education researcher Aladin El-Mafaalani, this year’s first graders are significantly less prepared for school than previous years due to the corona pandemic. The Osnabrück sociologist and educational scientist told the Evangelical Press Service (epd) that language and physical activity promotion was only possible in the daycare centers, if at all, with the handbrake on.

In the past ten years, the daycare centers in these areas have improved a lot. “I assume that we will have a relapse through the year and a half of Corona with lockdowns, emergency operations and quarantine.”

Primary schools would have suffered the most from the corona-related restrictions. There the children learned the basic cultural techniques of reading, writing and arithmetic, El-Mafaalani explained:

“If these are to be conveyed in crisis mode over a distance and virtually, that’s a big problem.” The primary schools had no experience with it. In addition, there are hardly any digital learning formats for children who cannot read and write at all.

Even before Corona, the primary schools were inadequately equipped in terms of staff, building technology and digital technology, complained the owner of the chair for education in the migration society. “They are the Achilles’ heel of our education system.” That is why they will now face the greatest challenge.


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