Colombia: Ship stopped with $ 60 million worth of cocaine

The Colombian Navy has hit the cocaine cartels hard!

A so-called semi-submersible with cocaine on board valued at more than 60 million dollars (around 51 million euros) has been tracked off the coast of the country. A semi-submersible is a ship whose loading area can disappear below the surface of the water with the help of ballast.

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The Navy intercepted the boat with more than 1.8 tons of cocaine, according to a statement Thursday off the Pacific coast of the Nariño Department in the south-west of the country.

Well packaged: soldiers secure the drugPhoto: Armada de Colombia / dpa

This has prevented the trade in and consumption of more than 4.5 million doses of drugs in countries in the region. When the crew of the boat noticed the security forces, the men jumped into the water and fled to the impassable mangrove area.

Colombia is the world’s largest cocaine exporter. In 2009, it is estimated that 70 percent of all material came from the country.


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