“Clients critical of measures”: Dresden bans 98 corona demos!

Dresden – The Saxon state capital has imposed a “city-wide ban on gatherings of clientele critical of measures” for Saturday, unless they are registered by Friday (12 p.m.) and they are approved by the Dresden assembly authority!

As the city of Dresden reported when asked by BILD, a total of 98 notices of assembly were received by the assembly authority. A city spokeswoman: “None of these ads received official confirmation after an approximate check based on the police risk forecast for January 22, 2022.”

The city had previously their ban on demos of the “procedure-critical clientele” reasoned as follows: “Whereas it can be assumed that there will be massive violations of the corona protection regulations or criminal norms in connection with a central walk by the clientele critical of the measures next Saturday in Dresden.”

The authorities apparently only allowed these demonstrations on Saturday:

► Demo for “Animal Rights, Environment, Health, Veganism” (15 participants expected)

► Demo on Organ Harvesting in China and Put an End to the Chinese Communist Party (10 participants expected)

► 5-man demo on the topic “Stop the shark fin trade in Europe!”

Lawyer sees violation of the Basic Law

Lawyers are critical of the unilateral ban. Legal expert Gerhard Rahn (48) also complained to BILD that the “possibility of spontaneous demos” was cut off. He considers this a “violation of the Basic Law” and speaks of good prospects of success against the ban to take legal action.

By the afternoon, however, no complaints against demo bans had been received by the Dresden Administrative Court, as a judicial spokesman said when asked by BILD. But this is still possible.

The police are meanwhile preparing for a large-scale operation and have requested reinforcements from Berlin in addition to the Saxon riot police. The background is still demo calls at Telegram. Police spokesman Thomas Geithner (47): “In its risk forecast, the Dresden police department assumes that several thousand people will follow the call. Among them, several hundred violent and extremists are expected.”

According to the Corona Emergency Ordinance in the Free State, demonstrations of 1000 people are currently allowed under certain conditions. But since the city has banned it, police want to prevent “a large, central elevator.” Geithner: “There is a low threshold for action against those who are openly violent and extremists.”

BILD analyzes the demos This is how the Corona deniers tick

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