Clean the shower properly

Bacteria and mold can live in the shower, because after turning off the water, moisture is still inside but not many homeowners think about cleaning it.

An article published in the American Society For Microbiology studied bacteria in the shower in 656 households in the US and Europe, and found Mycobacterium, a bacteria that can cause lung infections. This is why health experts recommend that people periodically clean the shower in the bathroom.

In addition, if suddenly your shower spray is weak or uneven, it is possible that minerals that have accumulated over a period of time have blocked the holes in the faucet face, causing the above phenomena. Instead of immediately changing the faucet, you can try some of the following methods

Materials needed: Distilled vinegar, plastic bags, elastic bands, toothbrushes.

Doing: You pour vinegar into 1/2 a plastic bag, put the shower head in the bag, make sure the holes on the shower head are completely submerged in vinegar, tie the vinegar bag in place for 30 minutes, if the shower head is copper plated or nickel. If the spout is plastic, you can soak it for an hour.

After the above time, you remove the vinegar bag, start scrubbing the shower head with a soft-bristled toothbrush, helping to push out stubborn residues. When the nozzle is clear of blockage, rinse the faucet with warm water for a few tens of seconds to clean the vinegar left on the faucet. The final stage, back to the faucet to clean the ball.

According to Sheryl Milligan, founding member of the American Homecleaners Association (AHCA), regular shower cleaning is essential. From time to time, you can use a cleaning powder cleaner, or simply a little detergent like dishwashing liquid, put it on a soft cloth and gently rub it in the shower. You should use a toothbrush to scrub the surface of the nozzle.

Avoid cleaners with bleach or harsh chemicals, as they can damage the shower’s exterior. You can make your own face scrub by mixing vinegar, baking powder, and salt. After the above steps, you wash and dry the faucet completely with a dry towel to prevent water from calcifying.

The AHCA also recommends cleaning the shower head once a month to ensure the best product life and performance.

How to clean the shower. Video: House Beautiful.

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