Clean – best feng shui for the family

Writer Masuda Mitsuhiro (Japan), once wrote: “If your room is cluttered, I regret to tell you that all your luck and dreams will be lost”.

The Chinese have a saying: “Not cleaning the house, how can we clean the world”.

Sometimes you think life outside of society is important, the door is closed, who knows where it is. But not so. The cleanliness of a family brings a sense of difference, also indirectly reveals the living situation of the homeowner.

The way you treat your home is how you treat your life.

Image: Aboluowang.

A study once showed that a family with cluttered and messy houses cannot raise promising children. Simply because, parents’ habits are the best teaching methods, having the strongest impact on their children. Parents who have high demands for themselves will not allow the house to be too cluttered, so children cannot be comfortable with themselves.

A cluttered room can reveal a number of problems, for example, family members are relatively lazy, homeowners are relatively flat, or members do not love the family, do not want to take care of it. . In addition, the way a person treats his house also indirectly reveals his or her attitude towards his or her own life is fussy or flattering, easy or meticulous …

House cleaning also helps regulate your mood and boost your health. A person who usually cleans the house instead of lying out tired after work, is also to tidy up his own irritable interior, helping the spirit to relax more.

A study by Professor NiCole R. Keith, of Indiana University (USA) showed that people with clean houses are healthier than those with clutter. Another study published in the scientific journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin also point out, women who describe their messy, indiscriminate living spaces are more likely to experience depression and fatigue than women who describe their homes as quiet, clean. A survey by the National Sleep Organization (UK) found that people who make the bed every morning are 19% more likely to get a better night’s sleep. Respondents also reported benefits from having clean sheets. 75% of respondents said they get a better night’s rest when their sheets are washed, as they feel more comfortable.

Harvard University used to do a study and come to specific conclusions about the benefits of a clean house with children. According to this study, most kids who enjoy doing chores from a young age are more likely to grow up. This is not only because chores improve children’s ability to practice. It also helps to summarize and organize, soothe the child’s soul and regulate emotions. In addition, it affects relationships between individuals in the family. A family where members often do housework together will be more happy.

More than metaphysical elements, cleanliness is the best feng shui for a family.

Clean, tidy house is good feng shui, bright rooms are blessed. Not having to be spacious, the original home should be a place that makes everyone feel comfortable, arouses enthusiasm and makes everyone want to return. That is the first step to a peaceful life, followed by success and happiness.

Thuy Linh (According to Aboluowang)


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