Choose the door to receive light for the living space

Lack of natural light affects the quality of life. Therefore, at present, homeowners and architects often prioritize designs that get natural light through glass walls, skylights, windows, doors … to bring harmony between nature, people, and Efficient solution for energy saving.

Currently, DongTam Window door brand is constantly innovating, innovating in design and installation, maintaining the pioneering goal of creating door products to meet the trends and customer needs. According to the brand’s representative, in the face of increasingly scarce natural wood, which directly affects climate change, users gradually switch to other doors, with better applicability such as plastic and aluminum. Aluminum doors, uPVC plastic completely overcome the situation of termites, warping.

Dong Tam doors are machined and assembled on modern technological lines from Germany and Turkey. Image: DongTam Window.

Entering the door market in 2008, DongTam Window promotes the development of door and glass wall products with an advanced chain system, technology, ensuring accuracy in the processing and assembly stages. The manufacturer raised the quality standard of toughness, fully meeting the features of a modern door set.

In addition to raw materials imported from leading European and international suppliers such as Deceuninck (Belgium), Roto (Germany), VFG – the leading domestic glass brand, DongTam’s door products Window production is based on advanced German production line to improve product quality, stability, and fulfill large quantity orders. In particular, the most modern corner welding technology enhances the hardness of the welding angle by twice, closely attaching every detail together, maximizing the durability.

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The current projects are giving more priority to the design trend to get natural light through glass walls, skylights, windows, and doors. Image: DongTam Window.

In addition, the Dong Tam aluminum door product line also has many advantages thanks to its light weight, the ability to change its style flexibly suitable for many installation spaces. Profile bar, mold, wing frame made from imported genuine aluminum are in the top of good aluminum today.

Doors, windows require solidity, in climatic conditions like Vietnam, design design, choosing the right door material is very important. Some popular types of doors today such as: turning, sliding, folding doors … In particular, the rotating door has advantages of size, certainty and solidity. The door operates simply and conveniently, brings a modern and private space thanks to good sound insulation, used mainly in commercial centers, hospitals, and corporate headquarters.

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And sliding door line captures the hearts of users by saving common space. This type of door operates open and closed on rails, saving the installation area suitable for small houses and projects.

Depending on the installation needs, users can change the choice of materials between uPVC or aluminum. However, in order for all kinds of doors to take full advantage, when installing, it is necessary to pay attention to the design of the door according to the architecture of the house, the homeowner needs to clearly define the needs, use purposes, ensuring the house can Good ventilation, creating airy air, achieving the desired effect.

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Joining the door industry in 2008, Dong Tam Group has promoted investment in many advanced lines from Europe, supplying to the market the product lines of uPVC plastic doors, quality aluminum doors branded DongTam Window. Currently, Dong Tam door products win the trust of users because of their unique features, superiority, and outstanding product quality.

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