Chinese men’s thirst for wives

A date in Jiangsu province encountered a rare situation when 100 guys lined up to wait for 5 girls to “give” to him.

“Dating Festival” was held in Bizhou district, Xuzhou city on February 5 at an empty lot at the foot of the bridge. About 100 men gathered here for the 5 girls to “interview”. According to the local government, this sight-seeing is voluntarily organized by the villagers and takes place annually on the 5th of the Lunar New Year.

This scene caused a lot of controversy about the deepening disparity between men and women in the country of billions of people.

The sight of seeing with the eyes of 100 boys and 5 girls in Bizhou district, Xuzhou city, Jiangsu province. Photo: qq

According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China in early 2021, there are 34.9 million more men than women. They belong to different age groups, of which 17.52 million are aged between 20-40 years old.

A man surnamed Quan, from Cha Thanh district, Thuong Khau city, Ha Nam province, owns a dating website with 4,000 members. For many years this man has specialized in matchmaking, mainly for singles in rural areas.

Quan said that the percentage of men who cannot get married in rural China is increasing, especially those with low educational attainment and low economic conditions. According to statistics, each girl where he lives can match up to five men in a day, she can be introduced to 20 at most. Quan’s job is to bring them together, mostly online. Through the interview round, the girls can gradually eliminate the unsatisfactory boys.

“A woman can be connected to many men, sometimes they don’t remember who with whom, chatting until dizzy,” Quan shared. According to this person, the value of the bride price in rural areas is on average 100,000 yuan (VND 360,000 million). However, nowadays many women are financially independent and educated, so their requirements for their other half are not just money. Therefore, in the past 5 years, the rate of unmarried men in rural areas has been increasing.

Quan said that as soon as he heard that someone’s daughter had returned home, a matchmaker like him would immediately come down to the place of contact, as busy as a festival. Then the girl will be arranged to meet from a few to a few dozen young men in or outside the village. “Most women don’t want to get married in the countryside, so the success rate of matchmaking is very low,” the man said.

Quan’s colleague Zhang shared that in rural Anhui province, the ratio of men to women in dating is 5:1, which means that a girl has up to five boys waiting for “interviews”.

Especially during Tet, when many girls return to their hometown, one person can meet an average of 10 men. The number of other men who could not wait for their turn had to lower the request, as long as the subject was healthy and mentally normal. Among these, many virgins accept divorced women with small children.

A woman surnamed Jiang, who works as a matchmaker in Phi Chau town, Xuzhou city, Jiangsu province, said that among men and women getting married in this area, there are always more men than women. At one point, among the customers who signed up for her services, there were up to 100 men out of 20 women. “Therefore, the situation where women choose men is more and more common,” said Ms. Giang.

This matchmaker said that the Lunar New Year is a good time to organize dates when people have a lot of free time. Where couples can meet is the park, at the foot of the bridge or right at home, if the girls agree to welcome.

This woman revealed that the basic requirements of girls in Jiangsu province are to have a house, a car, a stable job, and a minimum bride price of 160,000 yuan (more than 570 million VND). more can be doubled and doubled with rings, gold rings…

“If the guy has a lot of brothers and sisters, surely finding a wife is not easy. But if he is an only child, has good looks and is economically well off, finding a wife is much easier,” said Ms. Giang.

In recent years, marriages in rural China have increasingly been promoted by families early on. In some places, a girl who just graduated from high school has been asked by “brothers and sisters” about her future, whether she wants to go to higher education or consider getting married.

Pham Lu, an associate professor at the Agricultural University of China, found that in poor rural areas, men’s difficulty in marriage is increasingly alarming. First, the gender imbalance persists for many years; Second, young women migrate from the countryside to the city and tend to find a mate in the city. Third, the high cost of marriage is also a reason preventing rural men from getting married. On the contrary, due to the obligation to serve their parents and inherit land, young rural men who work outside often choose to return to their hometown to settle down.

“As long as it’s a woman, anyone can find a target in the countryside,” Pham stated.

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