Bruno Le Maire at JDD: “We avoided the wave of bankruptcies so dreaded at the worst of the crisis”

The French economy is picking up again. And she leaves strong “. Confident, Bruno Le Maire details in an interview with JDD this Sunday ” the driving forces behind the economic rebound », Following the gradual lifting of health restrictions.

Covid crisis: an uneven recovery across countries

The Minister of Economy and Finance assures that ” business investment is increasing (…) and consumption is picking up again “. The expenses made by Carte Bleue, he assures, since the reopening of May 19 ” are 20% higher than in the same period in 2019, before the pandemic “.

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The tourist season, meanwhile, is even shaping up “ exceptional “, According to the Minister of the Economy, who mentions” an acceleration of reservations in hotels, by the sea and in the mountains “.

“We have protected the French economy”

In bars and restaurants, credit card spending after May 19 is already “ returned to 90% of the level at the same time in 2019 “,” while only the terraces have reopened for the moment », Specifies, enthusiastically, the minister. Purchases “ jump 70% », Still in comparison with May 2019, in clothing.

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“50,000 jobs have also been created in the first trimester “, Continues Bruno Le Maire. “ We have protected the French economy “,” We avoided the dreaded wave of bankruptcies at the worst of the crisis “, Even prided himself the minister.

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The Minister of Economy and Finance also specifies that the pension reform, a project interrupted by the health crisis, remains a ” priority “. “We will have to (…) pursue structural reforms: the priority is pensions”, declared Bruno Le Maire to the “Journal du Dimanche”.

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